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Детский день рождения и любой другой детский праздник от агенства Лиля, Малыш и Карлсон
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Parties and celebrations are always fun and enjoyment for all the family and friends- let's make preparations for them easy and enjoyable as well!

Our mission is to help people to show solicitude for their close and beloved ones with the help of children's parties and celebrations.


Among all our treasures, love and care are the most important!

It's a greate joy to see how your love is transformed into baloons, funny clowns or magicians, tasty cakes and nice gifts. So it's not that important how high is the budget for the party - much more important is to make it really warm, kind and unusual.


We understand that sometimes you would like to organize party for your child by yourself to show your creativity and recollect your childhood. You could find all the necessary advices how to organize the party and all subsidiary materials: scenarios, music, costumes, decorations, games for children and songs on this site.

Good luck!

You can download scenarios for children's parties, written by scriptwriter of our agency, as well as phonogramms for them and musiс for children's disco from our site free of charge.

If you want to make a request for professional help in organization of children's party - give us a call, or send an e-mail. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without breaks!

We are always glad to help you!

The director
"Lilia, Malish and Karlson"
Samigulina Lilia
Tel. 509-6087

We, as people of 21st century, have much more aspiration for individualism.

People nowadays prefer more and more individual approach in most of the things as well as services. We are interested in something special, unique, existing in a single copy.

That's why our company always aspire to create personal and unusual programms for our clients. We enjoy to work together with them and turn their creative ideas into reality in form of interesting scenarios, fancy dresses and appropriate decorations.

You would really enjoy the party when it gives the possibility to plunge youself into different reality or different time - to be a pirate or queen, the conqueror of North Pole or Eastern Beauty.

In our arsenal:

  • Organization of children's birthday, parties for children
  • Puppet shows
  • Jubilees weddings
  • Memorable family dates
  • Birthday party
  • Family holidays
  • Corporative weekends, banquets, buffet tables, picnics
  • As well as: New year, 23rd of February, 8th of March and other holidays.
We always try to make each of our programmes to be new and unique. Parties and celebrations always surprise and please our clients for many years!

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